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Some Pics of my one and only Queen!

Happy New Year!!!

These are image I played around with on photo shot program.

the apple
My Queen 3
My Queen 4
The White Knight 2
jen 1
lana 1

emma wedding day to regina
Well my life is now upside down, right side up, every which way!! I got evinced from my apartment couldn't pay my rent thanks to not having a job!! Thank the gods from my niece or I would be homeless. I was able to get most of my things because of her and a friend of her's between the 3 of us, we got it out. Still don't have a job and at this moment it isn't looking good, hope that changes really frakking soon!!! I'm sharing a bedroom with a 8 y.o. and 5 y.o. and its not as bad as it sounds. I love them to pieces and their both smart as whips. There more respectful of my things then a lot of room mates I've had Which has surprised me to now end! Ever got the 8 y.o. watching Once Upon A Time ;)!! And she loves it... now just have to work on making her an Evil Regal...lol! So things could be worst, glad there not. I'm just pushed past the point of its going to be ok. In less then 3 months my whole world... life has been thrown upside down. I'm not the best person with change and this tanker truck full of change in a little bit of time. I do have to say being with my niece and family is making it alot less scary then when I was all along at my apartment. So that's helping alot with the stress and that I can still get on line... thank my niece for her wireless router!! I just want shit to start looking up or a the very lest I get a job! The fates, destiny, what you want to call are some mean ass bitches!! Like to hit you when your  down. But they can go piss off, cause I'm not going down with out a fight!! 

Lana at PaleyFest 2013

Need to Vent...

I just feel the need to vent. So here's my sad little story, back on jan 25th I lost my job, got fired oh joy! Didn't want to get fired, wasn't looking to get fired but got fired all the same. I worked at call center, high turnover rate... yea whatever. So since then I've been tring very hard to be a brave... keep my shit together... don't stress too much. Well that worked for awhile there. But here's the thing I've been looking for another job for a month, had a few phone interviews (which I can say I hate more then anything, not at all a way an interview should be done) that said nothing came of them. Got a lot of bullshit also, people calling me about resume I put up on line about so called jobs only to find out there not. Then wrost then that, I had an interview last thursday, face to face not on the phone. Got myself all prettied up, was on time did everything I was support to and guess what... the guy that set up the interview with me isn't there. So they have somebody else come out to talk to me. She found my resume but has no idea that I was to be interview or for what job. She asked what I'm looking for, at this point anything, which I kinda told in that good kind of way. And she tells that the jobs they have right now would be a fit for me. And she wasn't fucking kidding either, I couldn't believe my ears, so she gives a bussiness card of the guy I had the interview with and sends me on my way.
So now my rent is due at the end of the week, I have no money to pay it, or any of my other bills. I have no place to go if I lose my apartment and no place to take my things to ever storge them. I didn't think at my age I would lost everthing I've spent years working for. And I really don't have any clue what I'm going to do... I just feel so lost.

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